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About Us

Family & Co Online has been developed to support our highly successful resource directory – Family & Co.
We first published the directory in March 2007.  The idea came about because as new moms to the HRM area, we were finding it difficult to find various products and services  for pre-natal moms and also things to do and places to go with our 4 yr old boys.

Having realised that there wasn’t a comprehensive directory aimed at families in the area we decided to create one... and so we embarked on this great venture.

We wanted Family & Co to help newcomers to the area and also more established HRM families find a range of products and ideas that they may never have otherwise known existed,  whilst also being user-friendly and easily available.

We also realised that the magazine could be a fantastic opportunity for local businesses  to  reach their target audience through display advertising.

At the time we never knew if this would be successful, would local businesses want to advertise with us?  Would the public like our concept?  Well, we guess we must have done something right – because here we are now in our 5th year of publishing and distributing our 15th issue.

The feedback from both the public and advertisers has been truly amazing!    We are constantly being approached by new outlets asking if they can stock the magazines and receiving enquiries from prospective advertisers.    The comments from our readers have been tremendously encouraging and we value all the feedback and ideas that are sent to us.  We thank you all for your support!

More recently  the distribution has expanded to cover relocation specialists and Realtors - who are handing Family & Co to clients relocating from overseas and onto  new clients moving to the HRM.

We are constantly researching and updating the listings, but we do also rely on our readers to let us know of any updates.

We have created Family & Co Online to enable prospective advertisers to download our media pack, give readers the chance to email us with suggestions and updates and allow the many organisations and businesses across the HRM to submit their details for inclusion in the listings.

Family & Co has become the new baby in both our families, we do have busy times and juggling a small business and a young family has some interesting moments!  But on the whole, we think we’ve found a good balance – providing a service to the community and being there for our own families.

We enjoy hearing from parents – please feel free to contact us via this website with your comments!

Hannah and Nikki