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 ONLY $600!


Benefits of Advertising in Family & Co

If you are looking to build customer awareness for your products and services and increase sales then ‘Family & Co’ offers an all-in-one resource for your target market.

‘Family & Co’ is a unique, informative and effective family directory which includes topical and informative editorials. Our distribution is targeted so that ‘Family & Co’ reaches expectant and new parents, seasoned parents, caregivers, grandparents and health care professionals.

‘Family & Co’ is distributed through a variety of established outlets chosen for their popularity with parents and their proactive attitude to providing information: libraries, private schools, community and recreation centres, Public Health Drop-In Clinics, child-care centres, pre-schools and many more.

It Works. ‘Family & Co’ is widely read by families in the area. Many advertisers appear on a regular basis as the magazine generates business for them. Equally, they are referred to the publication by other advertisers and/or readers. We are continually receiving feedback that reiterates the importance of the magazine within the community.

Circulation. A free publication, widely distributed throughout the HRM and read by thousands of parents over the year. A minimum circulation of 8,000 copies per issue which is anticipated to grow to 10,000 within the next 12 months.

Price.  Low cost advertising running for 4 months - an attractive offer whatever your budget!

Longevity. ‘Family & Co’ is not thrown away like a local newspaper. Families and caregivers will keep it for reference. Each issue is designed to be kept and referred to again and again.

Quality. Professionally printed on glossy paper, ‘Family & Co’ maintains a high standard of content and production. All production is professionally finished to ensure that all advertisers can be confident that their advertisement is produced to the highest quality.

Listings. Each edition contains a huge collection of phone numbers including helplines, organisations and businesses. The listing categories provide great scope and relevance to families with children of all ages. Advertisers will be able to have a free listing as long as their business is relevant to the contents of the magazine.


What Advertisers Say:

‘Family & Co magazine has been one of the few advertising investments that Bump Baby & Beyond has seen a return from in-store since opening on May 16, 2008. The ability to reach the families direct in HRM has been priceless!’
-Nicole MacHattie, Owner/Manager, Bump Baby & Beyond.

‘We’ve been welcoming Newcomers to HRM since 1996 and now we’ve found a fantastic local publication which is ideal for the newcomer. Family & Co Directory has provided our clients with a valuable resource and we have distributed them to everyone who arrives. We are looking forward to helping this publication expand its horizons to the UK and will be taking this with us to The Emigrate Trade Show 2009 in London, UK’.
-June & Mark Spindloe, Relocation Nova Scotia

‘The quality of Family & Co is fantastic! It’s full of useful information for parents and as a family destination, we are happy to be part of the community supporting it’
- Judith Kays, Discovery Centre

What Readers Say:

“What a great magazine! All the information and contacts needed by anyone with children in one handy package”
- Jennifer, Halifax

“We were new to the area with kids between 3 & 11 yrs, Family & Co has been our life-line. We use it all the time. Thank you!’
- The Mackay’s, Dartmouth